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Expected Computer Go Programs
Name Country Introduction
Darkforest Open Source USA
  • Developers: DarkForest is a Go game engine powered by Deep Learning and developed at Facebook AI Research (Yungdong Tian).
  • Algorithmic Principles: Deep learning and MCTS.
  • Features: Deep learning and MCTS.
CGI Taiwan
  • Developers: Ti-Rong Wu, Guan-Wen Chen, Hung-Chun Wu, Dong-Yi Lai, Li-Cheng Lan, and I-Chen Wu.
  • Algorithmic Principles: MCTS with large-patterns by machine learning, PUCT, and deep convolutional neural network.
  • Features: The current version of CGI is 3.0, an improved version from CGI 2.0 version last year. In this version, deep learning (DL) was applied to CGI which greatly increased its strength. The DL techniques used include a supervised learning network (SL network) and a value network. This version was estimated to be over 3 professional dan.
Zen Japan
  • Developers: Yoji Ojima (independent programmer) and Hideki Kato (AI researcher).
  • Algorithmic Principles: MCTS with hash-coded large-patterns of expert knowledge of the game of Go and very smart, sequence-like simulations. Dynamic-komi and network parallelism are also used.
  • Features: A carefully tuned combination of significantly improved sequence-like simulations and the large-patterns of Go knowledge. The network parallel algorithm is also our original.
Machine Specification
Name Country Content
Darkforest Open Source USA
  • Coming soon.
CGI Taiwan
  • Coming soon.
Zen Japan
  • Coming soon.



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