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Computer Go Programs
Name Country Introduction
Zen Japan
  • Developers: Yoji Ojima (independent programmer) and Hideki Kato (AI researcher).
  • Algorithmic Principles: MCTS with hash-coded large-patterns of expert knowledge of the game of Go and very smart, sequence-like simulations. Dynamic-komi and network parallelism are also used.
  • Features: A carefully tuned combination of significantly improved sequence-like simulations and the large-patterns of Go knowledge. The network parallel algorithm is also our original
CGI Go Intelligence (CGI) Taiwan
  • Developers: Ti-Rong Wu, Ting-Fi Liao, Guan-Wen Chen, Chung-Chin Shih, Li-Cheng Lan, Ting-Chu Ho, and I-Chen Wu.
  • Algorithmic Principles: Monte-Carlo Tree Search with RAVE, large-pattern by machine learning, and dynamic komi.
  • Features: CGI uses the framework of Amigo, mainly including parallel processing. Amigo designed by Liao (as his thesis) has a general MCTS framework for all games.
Aya Japan
  • Developers: Hiroshi Yamashita (Engine Programmer).
  • Algorithmic Principles: Mote Carlo Tree Search.
  • Features: Aya is Go playing program since 1995. First 10 years, I teached many Go knowledge to Aya, but its strength had stopped 8k. In 2006, monte-carlo method appeared in Computer Go world. I tried a bit. Surprisingly, Aya became from 8k to 2k quickly. Current Aya is 3d and 4d(blitz) on KGS. Aya uses 120,000 pattern from 3x3 to 10x10. Playout style is similar to CrazyStone. Playout chooses one move from all available moves. Each move has value, and bigger value move tends to be selected. Playout uses many Go knowlegde, like nakade, seki, half eye, and easy ladder. Semeai, caputre race is the biggest weak point. Aya understands 2 liberties vs 3 liberties, but don't know 3 liberties vs 4 liberties.
Machine Specification
Name Country Content
Zen Japan
  • Zen runs a mini cluster of a dual 12-core Xeon E5-2690 v3@2.6 GHz 32 GB RAM, a dual 10-core Xeon E5-2690 v2@3 GHz 32 GB RAM, a dual 6-core Xeon X5680@3.3 GHz 12 GB RAM and an 8-core Core i7 5960X@3 GHz 16 GB RAM computers, connected via a GbE LAN. 64 cores total.
CGI Taiwan
  • 8 x 3 x AMD Opteron 6174/2.2 GHz (ALPS system by Acer)
Aya Japan
  • Amazon EC2, c4.8xlarge, Xeon E5-2666 v3, 2.9GHz, 18cores, and 36 threads.


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